Happily Be

Poem from YOUR L!FE: Young Voices from The Write of Your Life™, Anthology (to be released Winter 2014) by The Write of Your Life™ Student

As she walks through the door after school,
there were things that were secret, only she knew.
She knew objects would be thrown.
She knew the names would be called.
She knew pain would greet her.
She knew inside would explode, flooding with pain.
She knew hate in her veins would begin to thrust.
She knew her scream would be heard by none.
She knew nobody that would attempt to make it stop.
None of this was new.
She had gone through a lot, even some growth.
She will not let her school be affected.
She will not let the pain define her.
Without friends, she is left with her brilliance,
and her mask of childish laughter and her joy
that conceals a life of horror that is true.
But she is not alone.
There is one thing she has―her books.
What she loves is to read about happy things,
about magical places that are faraway, peaceful and safe.
When she reads, she can feel that sort of happiness
she likes to wear on her mask for all to see.
The great happiness that she swears and dares
to someday be with her book in hand, always free.

I am Me and I am Proud

Excerpt from YOUR L!FE: Young Voices from The Write of Your L!fe™ Anthology (to be released Spring 2015)

When you call me fat, do not worry.
I know it is you,
not me that has to change.
I know I am beautiful just the way I am.
I care less of what people think,
because I know and celebrate the real me.
You may call me stupid;
but I know I am intelligent and smart beyond my years.
Look at the way I expose my real self.
I am me and I am proud.
Hope is what I want.
Not for me, but for you,
to see that I am beautiful just the way I am.