About WWW…

WWW’s mission is to mentor, motivate, and mold young women into their best future-selves by planting the seeds of positive self-awareness and goal planning.  From this day forward, WWW has a new meaning.  It represents the acronym of Women Wonder Writers, a team of Women who empower young Women.  The power and signficance of the letter “W” is very important.  It represents The Write of Your Life.  Words, both written and spoken, which we will teach young women to use instead of Weapons.   Wonder Woman, the comic female superhero who uses her Lasso of Truth to compel people to tell the truth.  Wonders of the World, the World’s 7 most spectacular natural Wonders and manmade structures.  Wellness, a Way of life that will mold young women into their best future-selves.  Writer.  Worth, not a low one, but a high one because young women are immensely awesome.  Will, the conscious choice to believe in yourself and accomplish any goal you choose.  Whale, the largest mammal in the deep Waters like Monstro who swallowed Pinnochio.  Welcome, how we want young women to feel, with thankfulness and acceptance.  Wahine, the Hawaiian word for Woman.  Wisdom, the kind where we teach young women to make positive choices and live with purpose.  World, we are kindly asking you to take a seat and get ready for The Write of Your Life. 

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